We've "GAUT" Steel!

80 Clinton Street

Johnstown, PA  15901



Gautier Steel Ltd. has the capabilities to turn your ideas into reality. Our three rolling mills allow us to provide a broad range of shapes and sizes, whether you desire a non-standard section or a special length. We satisfy the most demanding customer specifications.


From the engineers in our on-site Roll Shop to the highly skilled craftsmen who operate our mills, Gautier’s employees are experienced, knowledgeable and versatile. Many are third-generation steelworkers, having over 35 years of service. This rich history in steel making, combined with the latest technology, gives you the confidence to rely on us for your hot rolled bar requirements.


Your job receives a great deal of attention even before it reaches the mill. We begin with a flow sheet determining the number of passes it will take on the mill to roll your shape. A shape may require as many as nine roll sets. With our advanced wire EDM machine, templates are cut with exacting tolerances – down to less than .001”. These templates are used for operation of tracer lathes and as inspection fixtures. This same system produces programs for turning rolls on our CNC lathe.


When it comes to quality at Gautier Steel, you are in control. Billets are ordered to your exact specifications and held in our billet yard until ready to be used. By utilizing computerized furnace controls, billets are brought to a temperature of up to 2300º Fahrenheit in the 14” Mill Furnace before rolling.


Gautier’s 14” Mill can roll a wide variety of flats, sharp corner and round corner squares. Industries including Construction, Cold Drawing, Material Handling, Railroad, and Primary Aluminum rely on us to consistently provide tight tolerances, surface integrity, and minimum variation. Customers can receive the highest reduction ratios that they prefer.


Continuous quality control measures ensure that your specifications are met. After the steel is rolled, it travels through an in-line straightener.


Gautier Steel runs on rolling cycles as short as four to five weeks, so you’ll get the product you need, when you need it!


In addition, we can accommodate lower tonnage needs. Our mills will produce lot sizes as small as 5 tons of square edge flats, and 50 tons of special sections.


Getting your order right takes a positive attitude, and a clear focus. At Gautier Steel we believe in promoting a “can-do” attitude throughout our entire operation. From order entry to shipping, Gautier employees have only one focus; getting your steel rolled right and on time. This responsiveness to our customer’s needs stems from the company’s customer driven philosophy of exceeding your expectations.


So, the next time you’re looking for quality hot rolled flats, sharp cornered squares, round cornered squares or special sections, give us a call because at Gautier Steel …


We’ve “GAUT” Steel!